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Supreme Court Seminar (Dawson)

Justices of the Supreme Court

This page contains a listing of all Chief Justices of the Supreme Court and the years they served as Chief Justice.  With each are links to books found in the NCCU catalog corresponding to their reign as Chief Justice.

John Rutledge (1790-1791)

William Cushing (1790-1810)

James Wilson (1789-1798)

John Blair (1790-1795)

James Iredell (1790-1799)

Thomas Johnson (1792-1793)

William Paterson (1793-1806)

Samuel Chase (1796-1811)

Bushrod Washington (1799-1829)

Alfred Moore (1800-1804)

Henry Brockholst Livingston (1807-1823)

Thomas Todd (1807-1826)

Gabriel Duvall (1811-1835)

Joseph Story (1812-1845)

Smith Thompson (1823-1843)

Robert Trimble (1826-1828)

John McLean (1830-1861)

Henry Baldwin (1830-1844)

James Moore Wayne (1835-1867)

Philip Pendleton Barbour (1836-1841)

John Catron (1937-1865)

John McKinley (1838-1852)

Peter Vivian Daniel (1842-1860)

Samuel Nelson (1845-1872)

Levi Woodbury (1845-1851)

Robert Cooper Grier (1846-1870)

Benjamin Robbins Curtis (1851-1857)

John Archibald Campbell (1853-1861)

Nathan Clifford (1858-1881)

Noah Haynes Swayne (1862-1881)

Samuel Freeman Miller (1862-1890)

David Davis (1862-1877)

Stephen Johnson Field (1863-1897)

William Strong (1870-1880)

Joseph P. Bradley (1870-1892)

Ward Hunt (1873-1882)

John Marshall Harlan (1877-1911)

William Burnham Woods (1881-1887)

Stanley Matthews (1881-1889)

Horace Gray (1882-1902)

Samuel Blatchford (1882-1893)

Lucius Quintus C. Lamar (1888-1893)

David Josiah Brewer (1890-1910)

Henry Billings Brown (1891-1906)

Howell Edmunds Jackson (1893-1895)

Edward Douglass White (1910 - 1921)

Rufus Wheeler Peckham (1896-1909)

Joseph McKenna (1898-1925)

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1902-1932)

William Rehnquist (1986 - 2005)

William Rufus Day (1903-1922)

William Henry Moody (1906-1910)

Horace Harmon Lurton (1910-1914)

Charles Hughes (1910-1916)

Willis Van Devanter (1911-1937)

Joseph Rucker Lamar (1911-1916)

Mahlon Pitney (1912-1922)

James Clark McReynolds (1914-1941)

Louis Dembitz Brandeis (1916-1939)

John Hessin Clarke (1916-1922)

George Sutherland (1922-1938)

Pierce Butler (1923-1939)

Edward Terry Sanford (1923-1930)

Harlan Stone (1925-1941)

Owen Josephus Roberts (1930-1945)

Benjamin Nathan Cardozo (1932-1938)

Hugo Lafayette Black (1937-1971)

Stanley Forman Reed (1938-1957)

Felix Frankfurter (1939-1962)

William Douglas Orville (1939-1975)

Frank Murphy (1940-1949)

James Francis Byrnes (1941-1942)

Robert Houghwout Jackson (1941-1954)

Wiley Blount Rutledge (1943-1949)

Harold Hitz Burton (1945-1958)

Tom Campbell Clark (1949-4967)

Sherman Minton (1949-1956)

John Marshall Harlan (1955-1971)

William J. Brennan Jr. (1956-1990)

Charles Evans Whittaker (1957-1962)

Potter Stewart (1958-1981)

Byron Raymond White (1962-1993)

Arthur Joseph Goldberg (1962-1965)

Abe Fortas (1965-1969)

Thurgood Marshall (1967-1991)

Harry Blackmun (1970-1994)

Lewis F. Powell Jr. (1972-1987)

William H Rehnquist (1972-1986)

John Paul Stevens

Sandra Day O'Connor

Antonin Scalia

Anthony M. Kennedy

David H. Souter

Clarence Thomas

Ruth Bader Ginsberg (1993-Present)

Stephen G. Breyer (1994-Present)

Samuel A. Alito Jr. (2006-Present)

Sonia Sotomayor (2009-Present)

Elana Kagan (2010-Present)