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Technology: Tips, Tricks, and Resources

About Procertas

 Procertas LogoThe Law Library is pleased to offer Procertas, to help you learn law office technologies such as Word, Excel, and PDF that are important tech skills to become an efficient lawyer.



Using Procertas

Procertas is self-paced and configured to help you hone your skills in using Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.  Attorneys use these skills daily.  Few attorneys, however, have mastered these skills.

Procertas offers two sets of modules: tutorials and assessments.

List of Procertas Modules 

Tutorials teach you how to perform specific tasks step by step.  Procertas utilizes videos that guide you step-by-step and usually provides multiple avenues to perform each task.  Tutorials also require you to download a document and apply the skills that you leaned in that section.  You then upload the document and Procertas tells you if you completed the task correctly.

Assessment modules are structured similarly to tutorial modules with two main differences. 

  1. Assessments are timed.
  2. Assessments are scored.

When you successfully complete an assessment, you are awarded a score of Beginner, Inter meditate, Qualified, or Expert.  You can take the assessments multiple times to raise your score.

Procertas Certifications

Procertas offers a certification Credentialing system called COBOT (Certified Operator of Basic Office Technology).  If you earn a "Qualified" or "Expert" score in an assessment, then you receive a badge that is valid for three years.  You can then add the badge to your LinkedIn profile and add the certifications to your resume.

Procertas COBOT Badge     Procertas COBOT PDF Badge     Procertas COBOT Excel Badge

How To Sign Up

Obtain A Registration email

In order to access Procertas, students must email a request for an account to a Reference Librarian. The Reference Librarian will then create an account for the student within two business days.

Registration Process

Step One

Once you have obtained your registration email, click on the User Activation button.












Step Two

Select your password.  Procertas requires a minimum of 5 characters.  Remember, you should never reuse passwords!

Procertas Set Password Screen

Step Three

Log into the Procertas LTA at

Procertas Log In Screen

Step Four

The first time you log in to Procertas, you should set your Operating System as Mac or as PC.  You can change this setting later if you change operating systems.

Procertas Select Operating Sysytem Screen

Step Five

The first time you log in to Procertas, you should set your versions of Word to either Office 365 or Word 2016. For more information about Procertas and different versions of Word, please see the FAQ section.


Is Microsoft Office Required to Use Procertas?

Yes. Microsoft Office is required to use Procertas. Pages, Open Office, and other word processors are not compatible with Procertas.

What Version of Office Do I need?

Any version of Microsoft Office after 2007 can complete the assessments.  The older the version of Word or Excel, however, the less likely the the "Teach Me" trainer will help you learn the correct process for performing the task.

Office 365 is compatible with Procertas.  You have to specify that you are using Office 365 or Procertas will asses your ability to use features that are not available in Office 365.

What Version of Adobe Acrobat do I need?

Adobe offers a free trial of Acrobat DC Pro. Adobe also offers a student discount for Adobe Acrobat Pro. Nuance offers a free trial of Power PDF Advanced. Both have all the requisite features.