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Social Justice


Social Justice is a topic that intersects with numerous disciplines, including law.  This guide provides an introduction to print and digital resources on the topics of 1) racial disparity, 2) racial diversity, 3) AAPI Hate, 4) LGBTQIA+, 5) implicit bias and microaggressions, 6) cultural sensitivity, 7) protests, 8) access to justice, 9) diversity, equity and inclusion, and 10) the intersection of social justice throughout a selection of disciplines.  Much like an annotated bibliography, this guide focuses on selected resources with varying depth of treatment in books, articles, websites, blogs, short videos, and organizations.  Resources range from general introductory information to those more focused on law and legal professionals. The annotations in this research guide include descriptions curated from our research into the selected titles, descriptions shared from other library resources, or are direct quotes from publisher websites.

The NCCU School of Law Library developed this guide as a resource for NCCU students and faculty. The NCCU School of Law Library welcomes your insights and contributions to this evolving collection of resources.  The library will continue to supplement existing topic areas as new information becomes available.  


Guide History and Authorship

Over the summer of 2020, Richelle Reid, Assistant Law Library Director at NC Central University School of Law Library (NCCU) and then-Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee (2020-2021) of the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries (SEAALL), collaborated with Howard University School of Law (HUSL) librarians Victoria Capatosto and Eileen Santos in their capacity as SEAALL members, with extensive assistance from John Miller and Ian Reinl, HUSL Library's remote public services LIS interns, on an outline of resources covering 5 topic areas (1) racial disparity, (2) racial diversity, (3) implicit bias and microaggressions, (4) cultural sensitivity, and (5) protests).  Permission was granted by SEAALL for NCCU Library to build upon the SEAALL outline and transform the work into a research guide for independent development by NCCU Law Library. Permission was granted by HUSL Library to build upon their Access to Justice content developed by Victoria Capatosto and Karli Cotton, HUSL Library's remote technical services LIS graduate student intern.

Scroll through the tabs of this guide to view NCCU Law Library’s expanded edition of social justice resources.  SEAALL's original outline is available here.

Richelle Reid oversaw the development of NCCU Law Library’s edition of this guide with assistance from reference staff and law student-research assistants. 

  • During the Spring 2022 semester, student reference assistants Delany Davis and Shanne McPherson developed sections on Stop AAPI Hate and LGBTQIA+ and expanded all content in the original SEAALL outline, with a focus on resources available in the NCCU Law Library collection.
  • During the Spring 2023 semester, Delany Davis developed the section on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Shanne McPherson developed the section on Social Justice Throughout the Disciplines, in consultation with Professor C. Scott Holmes, Senior Clinical Professor of Law, Director of the Civil Litigation Clinic, and Co-Director of the Social Justice and Racial Equity Institute at NCCU School of Law and Richelle Reid, NCCU Assistant Law Library Director.

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