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Sexual Identity and the Law (Lavelle)

Eexplore a variety of legal issues related to sexual identity and sexual orientation.

Helpful Books from the Law Library

The following treatises are just a few of the many available treatises that can assist with drafting a seminar paper or understanding the scholarly legal writing process.

Getting Ready to Write

  • Understand your objective.  Know what type of paper you want to write and how it falls in line with the goals of the class.
  • Make sure you are interested in your topic.  You will be spending a lot of time with your seminar paper topic, so having a genuine interest in it can make the process more satisfying and less frustrating.
  • Plan ahead.  Thorough scholarly research cannot be done in one day or even a weekend.  One resource that may assist you with developing a writing timeline is an Assignment Calculator.
  • Keep track of your research.  Know what resources you have looked in, what search terms you have used, and when you used these resources.  This will make completing and updating your research easier.  Tools like Zotero can help you with this.

Help Crafting Your Seminar Paper

Using Working Papers to Select a Topic

Looking at working papers from other scholars can assist you by allowing you to see what types of topics are being actively discussed in legal academia.  Two resources for reviewing working papers are detailed below

Using Legal News and Blogs to Select a Topic

Various legal news resources and blogs (or blawgs) can assist with selecting a seminar paper topic.  The resources below are just of few of the many resources available on the Internet and through subscription services authors can use to locate current events and novel legal issues.

Avoiding Plagiarism