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Stress Busters: Walk Guide

Need a break? Here's a collection of some fun, casual stressbusters that you can do either solo or with your study group.

Stops along the walk

The tour begins at the School of Law and heads down Nelson Street toward Fayetteville Road.  Stop when you reach the far end of the biomedical building and look across the street.



American artist Juan Logan’s stainless steel sculpture, The Seed

Standing alongside the institute’s building, the sculpture's inscription reads, Plant the seed and grow the future.


Proceed down Nelson Street toward the Student Center.


Pearsontown Trail marker on Nelson Street

This trail is one of the oldest in the Trails and Greenways System. It was originally designed to serve the NC Central University community. On-road connections can be made to the R. Kelly Bryant Bridge.  The trailhead is about ten blocks away near the corner of Red Oak Avenue and Lane Street where the main part of the trail remains leading to Elmira Park.

Continue down Nelson Street and cross Fayetteville Road.


College Heights Historic District marker

This neighborhood, now on the National Register of Historic Places, began to be developed as early as the 1920s and featured ornamented bungalows and quaint period revival style houses.


​​​​​​Proceed north on Fayetteville Road for three blocks.


Centennial Chapel

The building originally stood at 1400 South Alston Avenue as Holy Cross Church, which was North Carolina’s earliest African American Catholic Church.  The sanctuary was moved to this location during the university’s centennial year to make room for the expansion of the Department of Nursing’s new facility.


Proceed on Fayetteville Road toward Brant Street.

The Walk Continues


Centennial Garden

Built in 2010 as part of the university’s centennial year celebration, the garden features an arbor, swirling walkways, a fountain, and the Nancy Rhice Rowland Tree of Life, a magnificent magnolia tree dedicated to memorialize the school’s former Director of Undergraduate Admissions.


Cross Fayetteville Road at Brant Street to reach Shepard Circle.


James Edward Shepard Statue and William Jones Building

This bronze memorial honors none other than the founder of the university, originally known as North Carolina College at Durham.  Immediately to the right is the William Jones building.  Built in 1937, the School of Law was based there between 1950 and 1980.


Proceed down steps to the right.


Plantings in honor of George T. Thorne, Vice-Chancellor for Financial Affairs


Proceed down the steps.


Greek Bowl

Greek letter organizations show their pride with colorful displays.


Walk to the northeast corner of the bowl.


Atlas Astrolabe

This small statue shows the mythic figure of Atlas holding up an astrolabe, an ancient scientific instrument for telling time and for celestial observation.  You will find a similar but much larger version in Rockefeller Center in New York City.


Turn east and walk until you see the Starbucks near the entrance on the north side of the Main Library.




Stop in to refresh and refuel!

Make your way along the north side of the Main Library and walk around the corner of the library turning south.  Walk south along Eagle Campus Drive.  You will see the stadium on your left.  Walk downhill toward the stadium.  Proceed along the south side of the stadium toward the Physical Education building.  Walk through the parking lot until you reach Nelson Street and the Law School to finish your walk.