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Office of Wellness

Supporting the School of Law’s mission to cultivate highly competent, socially responsible legal professionals, the Office of Wellness believes that a healthy emotional life is fundamental to personal, academic, and professional success. Honoring individual strengths and differences, core values, and the lifestyle demands of legal study, our office provides compassionate, professional services supporting emotional balance and growth while encouraging individuals to reach their potential.

Our free and confidential direct services include:

  • Screening and assessment (currently enrolled students)
  • Individual, group, and couple’s counseling (currently enrolled students)
  • Emergency response
  • Area, community, and campus referrals
  • Student, faculty, and staff consultation
  • Wellness and mental health-oriented educational programming

And additionally, in collaboration with other university offices:

  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • 24-hour emergency response

For more information, contact Brett Bowers at

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