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Administrative Law

Search Strategy: Finding Regulations in Print Sources


Finding newly promulgated regulations & proposed regulations:

If you know that a regulation has been proposed or adopted recently, look in the Federal Register

  • Use the Federal Register Index or search online


Finding Regulations in Force – Does a regulation exist?

  • Use the CFR – Look for regulations in the CFR in one of the following ways:
    •  Use CFR Index and Finding Aids (a single volume within the CFR set
      • Published annually, one volume with two parts:

o    Subject/agency index (refers to part, not section)

o    Table of statutory authorities – if U.S.C. citation known, can find regulations promulgated under that authority

  • There is an unofficial Index and Finding Aids to the Code of Federal Regulations, published as part of the United States Code Service (USCS)
  • Use West’s Code of Federal Regulations General Index, 4 volumes, with references to CFR title and code section.
  • If you know the authorizing statute, use:

o    Parallel table of Authorities and Rules, in the CFR Index and Finding Aids volume, or

o    Parallel Table of Authorities in the USCS index volume.

  •  Use an annotated code:  USCS or USCA

o    Look in the statute’s annotations for cross references to applicable CFR regulations

o    USCS usually has more CFR cross references in its annotations than does USCA

Search strategy complied by Jennifer Morgan, Indiana University - Bloomington, January 2010.