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The Law Library strives to provide a space where students and faculty can research, study, and collaborate in a safe and comfortable environment. The following policies were created to preserve the collection, equipment, and furnishings for all library users.


Animals & Pets

The Law Library follows University Regulation 40.01.5 - Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals on Campus. Except for service animals, pets are not allowed in the Law Library. 

Cell Phones

Law Library users are to set mobile phones on non-audible signals and refrain from having phone conversations in the library.

Food and Drink

Beverages, in lidded, non-spill containers, are permitted in the Law Library. Additionally, dry, non-perishable snacks (crackers, chips, nuts, candy, etc.) as well as raw fruits and vegetables may be eaten in the library. Please refrain from eating hot meals and items which require a utensil to eat in the library. Please respect library spaces by disposing of trash appropriately and reporting spills to library staff. Patrons who fail to comply with these rules will be asked to take food and drink outside of the library. Repeat offenders will be reported for disciplinary action.

Noise Level

The Law Library encourages quiet conversation and collaborative academic work in designated areas; however, students and patrons should refrain from loud or disruptive conversations or other noisy behavior at all times.


Study Carrels, Soft Seating, and Tables

With the exception of study rooms, all furniture in the library is open to all library users and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Study Room Reservation System. Please do not leave personal items on seating, tables, or in carrels to reserve study space.

Reshelving Books

Please bring items that need to be re-shelved to the Service Desk, or leave them on the book truck on the library’s upper level.

Circulation Policies

For a detailed list of circulation policies, please see the Library Services page.

Computers and Printing

The Law Library provides public computer terminals for accessing the online catalog and University and Law School databases. Access to these terminals is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Patrons should refrain from performing extensive projects on these computers. 

Equipment Problems

Please do not attempt to solve equipment problems. If a library printer has a paper jam, needs paper, or ink, or if any other equipment has any problem, please report it to the Service Desk immediately. Equipment issues, including running out of ink and paper, for equipment outside the law library should be directed to the IT Help Desk.


All visitors must adhere to the Law Library's Conduct and Resources Policies. In addition, the following policies also apply to visitors.

Access to the Law Library

The Law Library is open to visitors during the School of Law's Visitor Hours. Children and minors will only be admitted to the Law Library if accompanied by a parent or guardian (see FDLP exception below*). Guests not affiliated with the School of Law will be asked sign-in at the Security Desk.

School of Law’s Visitor Hours

Monday - Friday: 8 am - 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Hours are subject to change due to holidays and events. For the most current visitor hours, please contact the School of Law's Security Desk, 919-530-6333.

* Exception: Minors who need to access Federal Depository Library Program materials will be able to access the Law Library and receive mediated research assistance from a reference librarian. To utilize this exception, minors must call the Service Desk (919-530-5189) at least 48 hours prior to their visit and schedule a time to meet with a reference librarian.

Research Assistance

Students are not allowed to provide research assistance to visitors. Professional dual-degreed librarians (law and library science) are available to assist visitors with the location of information and efficient use of print and electronic resources. Please note that the librarians are not permitted to give legal advice.


The Law Library provides public computer terminals for accessing the online catalog and University and Law School databases. Access to these terminals is on a first-come, first-serve basis. To gain access to these computers, please see the Service Desk staff. 

Guest Wireless Access

Guest wireless access is available for up to 8 hours of web-only access. Select the Eagles-WiFi SSID and complete the self-registration portal on your web browser indicating that you are a guest. Self-registration requires having access to a mobile device capable of receiving text messages or email in order to receive your temporary username and password information. For additional information, visit the NCCU ITS page.

Printing & Copying

Printing and copying is not available for visitors. The Law Library recommends scanning materials with a mobile device and sending them via email or saving them to a flash drive. There are numerous apps and built in programs to scan documents to PDF with your mobile device. See the Service Desk staff for help.

Borrowing Materials

Visitors, including alumni, have access to library materials during Visitor Hours. All materials must be utilized in the library. Please see the Service Desk staff for assistance locating resources.

Policy Compliance

In cases of exceptional or repeated violation of library policies, the Law Library reserves the right to revoke or refuse access to our facilities.