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Blockchain for Lawyers

This guide provides resources on blockchain technology.

Legal News


The following legal news sources are accessible via LexisNexis.  Terminology related to blockchain technology is searchable through the advanced search form for each news source.

The American Lawyer: A daily (Monday - Friday) publication reporting on major cases, technology, law firm profiles, business deals, and other legal news.  Coverage February 1995 - current. 

Blockchain.News (Law360): A daily publication covering global news, trends, insights from industry experts, and innovations in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Coverage April 2021.

Law 360: A daily news platform with breaking news, trends, litigation, policies, electronics, technology, cybersecurity, privacy, and legal information across numerous practice areas.  Examples of sections include

  • Banking
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy
  • FinTech
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property
  • Securities
  • Tax
  • Technology

LegalTech News (ALM Media): A daily news publication jargon-free news covering software, security, trial technology, hardware, legal insightes and select freelance articles.  Coverage from December 1995 - current. 



Banking & Finance Law Daily (Wolters Kluwer): A publication covering news and regulatory and industry developments in banking and finance.  Theis publication is written by attorneys and issued daily.

Blockchain Tech News: An archive of technology news.  Coverage from April 2018 - October 2019

U.S. News

U.S. News & Magazines

NCCU students, faculty and staff may access the following newspapers through ProQuest U.S. Newsstream.  Choose the news publication, click the link, then enter your NCCU ID and password to access either the digitized print version or online web news.

New York Times, Late Edition (East Coast)Full text coverage:  Jun 1, 1980 - present.  NYT print version.

New York Times (Online)Full text coverage:  Jan 1, 1996 – present.  NYT online news version.

The Washington PostFull text coverage:  Dec 4, 1996 – present.  WP print version.

The Washington Post (Online)Full text coverage:  May 21, 2016 - present.  WP online news version.

Wall Street Journal, Eastern editionFull text coverage:  Jan 2, 1984 - present. WSJ print version.

Wall Street Journal (Online)Full text coverage:  Jan 8, 2010 - present.  WSJ online news version.

America's News Magazines


International News

Access World News

Financial News

CoinDesk: Media platform for global investors offering news, data, podcasts, videos, and events, including the Consensus annual conference. Coindesk also offers a research hub with data and other educational materials.

Cryptonews,com: Global news, guides, and expert opinions about blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Suggested Articles

News Articles - May 2021

Lee Reiners. Ban Cryptocurrency to Fight Ransomware; The existence of bitcoin and the rest benefits nobody except criminals and speculators. Wall Street Journal (Online) (May 25 , 2021).

Mike Bird. Don't Bet Against Beijing's Efforts to Smother Bitcoin; China has several reasons to further crack down on cryptocurrencies. Wall Street Journal (Online) (May 25, 2021).

Paul Krugman. Technobabble, libertarian derp and bitcoin: [op-ed]. New York Times. (May 21 2021).

Greg Ip. Cryptocurrency Has Yet to Make the World a Better Place; An innovation that has failed to catch on for legal transactions proves invaluable to ransomers. Wall Street Journal (Online) (May 20, 2021).

Parmy Olson, Four-Woman Group that Fought U.K. Algorithms Steps Up for Tech-Worker Rights; Foxglove Successfully Pushed Back on Government Tech Tools and Now is Looking into Bigger Corporate Targets. Wall Street Journal (Online), (May 15, 2021).

Journal Articles - 2021

Sebastian Pech, Who Owns the Blockchain? How Copyright Law Allows Rights Holders to Control Blockchains, 16 J. Bus. & Tech. L. 59 (2021)

Samuel N. Weinstein, Blockchain Neutrality, 55 Ga. L. Rev. 499 (2021)


Paola Heudebert & Claire Leveneur, Blockchain, Disintermediation and the Future of the Legal Professions, 4 Cardozo Int'l & Comp. L. Rev. 275 (2020)

Alexandra Andhov, Corporations on Blockchain: Opportunities & Challenges, 53 Cornell Int'l L.J. 1 (2020)


Dave Berson, Susan Berson, Blockchain Law 101: Understanding Blockchain Technology and the Applicable Laws, J. Kan. B. Ass'n, February 2019, at 40

Paul Peterson, Problems Blockchain Doesn't Solve, 107 Ill. B.J. 36 (2019)

Ashley N. Longman, The Future of Blockchain: As Technology Spreads, It May Warrant More Privacy Protection for Information Stored with Blockchain, 23 N.C. Banking Inst. 111 (2019)


Pierson Grider, Advancing and Implementing Blockchain in the Legal Industry, Colo. Law., December 2018, at 6

Tawnya Plumb, Blockchain: What's in It for Lawyers?, Wyo. Law., February 2018, at 50