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Intellectual Property Law Research Guide: Home

This guide gives a broad overview of IP Law resources for research, news, and general information available to NCCU faculty and students.


As industrial economies have shifted into the “information age,” interest in intellectual property (“IP”) law has exploded; what was formerly a legal backwater is now a central economic concern of almost every client.  This guide gives an overview of resources available to NCCU Law faculty and students for legal research into this increasingly important area of law.

Coverage and Additional Resources
Intellectual property is defined as “a commercially valuable product of the human intellect, in a concrete or abstract form, such as a copyrightable work, a protectable trademark, a patentable invention, or a trade secret.” (Black’s Law Dictionary). This guide lists available treatises, study aids and hornbooks, research references, and current awareness tools for each of these classes of IP. Because domestic protections are heavily impacted by a web of international legal agreements, this guide also outlines applicable primary international legal materials and secondary sources.

This guide singles out the best and most commonly used resources for each subject area. It does not provide an exhaustive treatment of the NCCU Law Library's intellectual property law collection. For additional resources, look in the NCCU library catalog at the "Intellectual Property Library" (a collection of 24 essential titles) or under the following subject headings:

    In addition, Intellectual Property: A Reference Handbook by Aaron Schwabach (KF 2979.s39 2007) is a useful IP law guide that includes explanatory chapters on background and history; contemporary problems, controversies, and solutions; and international perspectives. This handbook also includes an abbreviated chronology of intellectual property law (from 560 A.D. to present), biographies of important figures in intellectual property history, selected reprints of important statutes and international agreements, a directory of IP-related organizations, and a listing of other related resources.

    HeinOnline Intellectual Property Library

    The Law Library has a new electronic resource: HeinOnline's Intellectual Property Library. This resource has compiled law reviews and journal articles, texts and treatises, legislative histories, manuals, and agency decisions on patents, copyrights, and trademarks in one convenient location. You can find the HeinOnline Intellectual Property Library by clicking here for access, or by going to the Law Library's Electronic Resources Alphabetical or Subject Lists.


    Web VPN Online Tutorial

    Several of the NCCU Law Library's electronic resources may only be accessed off-campus through the use of Web VPN. To access Web VPN, go to the Electronic Resources webpage and click on the Web VPN link directly below the Legend.

    Click here for an online tutorial that demonstrates how to use Web VPN.

    About this Guide

    This guide was created by Dave Hansen and is updated by the NCCU Law Library Reference Department. 

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