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This guide was created by Lauren M. Collins, Director of the Law Library.  This guide was last updated June 20, 2011.

About this Guide

As a Historically Black Graduate Institution situated in the state of North Carolina, where the term “environmental racism” was first recognized, environmental justice is an area of focus in the doctrinal Environmental Law course at North Carolina Central University (NCCU).  Students studying environmental law in a law school of opportunity such as ours are likely to consider aspects of environmental justice for research and writing projects. 

In addition, the topic of environmental justice is an excellent subject for introducing various legal resources that can be used to research other areas of environmental law.  Besides the routinely taught primary law: statutes, regulations and case law, advanced research opportunities exist in the area because there are, for example:

  • A relevant executive order;
  • Relevant legislative history for bills that have been passed and those that were not, giving the opportunity to show the  difficulty that can arise in researching unsuccessful bills;
  • Statistics underlying laws on the subject matter; and
  • A proposed regulation currently open for comment on a relevant topic.

This research guide on the topic of environmental justice will be useful to students taking Research Methods in Administrative Law course, which will focus on environmental law this fall, and the doctrinal Environmental Law course.  Many of the techniques discussed can be useful in completing any advanced research project.

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