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Online Tutorials and Webinars: Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law is a legal, business intelligence, news and research system.  Bloomberg Law integrates its renowned news, company and financial data with exceptional primary and secondary legal research.    

Bloomberg Law is only available to NCCU law school students, faculty, and staff. Username and password required.

Bloomberg Law YouTube Channel

The Bloomberg Law Youtube Channel provides information about current events in the legal news and current events. 

There is a User Guide for Legal Research using Bloomberg Law that is available for download.

Bloomberg Law Links

Bloomberg Law offers a number of online tutorials to guide users through a variety of topics. To access these videos, you must first sign into Bloomberg Law and then go to the Bloomberg Law Help Center by clicking "help" at the top right of the scrren. Once in the Help Center, navigate to Videos using the left hand column. The most useful videos for beginning users can be found in the Getting Started Videos, Court Opinions and Legislative tabs. Access to these videos requires a username and password.

Bloomberg Law Video Topics*

Getting Started                                                                                     

  • What Can I Search on Bloomberg Law?
  • How Do I Select Sources?
  • How Can I Change My Password?
  • Is There a Way to Browse?
  • Is There a Way to Customize My Homepage?
  • How Do I Use the Research Trail?
  • How Do I Set Alerts and Tracks?
  • How Can I Refine Search Results
  • When Should I Use a Practice Center?
  • How Can I Get Additional Help?

Court Opinion Research

  • What Can I Do with Court Opinions?
  • How Can I Narrow My Results?
  • How Can I Retrieve an Opinion by Cite or Name?
  • What Case Law Features Are Available?
  • What Advanced Opinion Search Tools Are There?
  • How Can I Determine if My Case Is Good Law?
  • How Can I Search for Cases By Topic?
  • How Do I Find Citing Cases Most On Point?

Legislative and Regulatory Research

  •  What Types of Legislative Research Can I Perform?
  • How Do I Search the U.S. Code?
  • How Do I Search & Track Congressional Bills?
  • What Regulatory Materials are Available?
  • How Can I Monitor Regulatory Information?
  • How Do I Search the Federal Register?

*For a complete list of topics and videos available on Bloomberg Law, go to the Bloomberg Law Help Center. Username and password required.

Docket Searches

Made by NCCU Law Librarians, here is a video to help show how to search dockets on Bloomberg Law.

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