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NCCU Law Library Orientation: Food & Drink

This LibGuide provides law students with basic information about the Law Library to help introduce them to the law school experience.

Food and Drink Policy

The NCCU Law Library Food Policy is intended to maintain a pleasant environment and preserve our collections, while also accommodating student requests to eat while studying in the library. Please respect library spaces by disposing of trash appropriately and reporting spills to library staff.

Allowed in Library:
– Dry, non-perishable snacks (crackers, chips, nuts, candy, etc.)
– Raw fruits and vegetables
– Drinks in lidded, non-spill containers

Not Allowed in Library:
– Takeout, hot meals, food requiring a knife and/or fork (pizza, chicken, salads, etc.)
– Smelly foods (fish, burned popcorn, etc.)
– Drinks in open containers

Patrons who fail to comply with these rules will be asked to take food and drink outside of the library. Repeat offenders will be reported for disciplinary action

More Ways to Contact Us

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